Summers in Ibiza, winters in the Swiss Alps, and lost weekends in Jamaica. Or, in your case, exotic-subway-smell mornings followed by Talladega Nights. Just hope you catch Erica Kiang’s travel bug at new globally minded Nolita boutique Babel Fair. While setting up shop in a playful, clubhouse setting with canary cubbyhole shelving, Kiang’s been racking up frequent buyer miles to find clothes, accessories, and toys that haven’t previously crossed U.S. customs. Among the souvenirs-for-the-taking: a rabbit fur vest made by a Bolivian craftsman, hammock-like cotton necklaces woven by Brazilian designer Luisa Herculano, and sculptural pumps from Korea’s Heavy Machine. Kitsch seekers will covet the smells-like-happiness Smiley perfume or gem-encrusted cell phone sticker. Oh, you know, it’s big in Japan.

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